楽読(Speed) And the...
It is the speed reading technique which reads sentences fast. "Reading fast" means processing a lot of information. It is a speed reading technique that increases the speed of reading while understanding the content, not skipping reading and diagonal reading. 楽読 (Speed)Training leads to brain training, high-speed processing by brain activity becomes normal, and many things can be processed at the same time.
Therefore, it can be widely applied in school exams, work, and daily life.

楽読大宮スクール ロゴ
楽読(Speed)The lesson's 8One feature



1 Incorporate communication

During the lesson, by interacting when the brain is actively moving,(The ability to listen and communicate)It is nourished.

2 They get their body in shape

By adjusting the movement of the eyes, unique breathing techniques and stretching, it leads to sustained concentration and improvement of brain ability.

3 Speed reading improves head rotation

The number of lessons is repeated, and the fast processing of the brain usually becomes.

4 Stimulating the brain with high-speed English speech during the lesson

Unfamiliar range(English)It is a stimulating to move actively for the brain to hear in high-speed speech.

5 Carefully check speed reading speed and brain status before and after the lesson

Depending on the results, careful guidance tailored to your ability will improve your motivation to realize the results and continue.

7 Those who are concerned about vision(Contact and glasses)It is also possible

If you are concerned about your eyesight,楽読Brain activation by the lesson, speed reading speed speed is possible, so please be assured.

8 Leading to dementia prevention

Speed-reading brain training has been verified to recover from dementia improvement and rehabilitation in a short period of time, and it is attracting attention now.

Greetings from the Representative

Hello everyone.
Wouldn't it be fun to spend every day where you can express your true feelings and feelings? The biggest challenge at any time and time is communication with people. We楽読uses speed reading tools to read books quickly, as well as strengthening the talent people have.
Is there an answer that I really want in a world full of information? My answer is only within me.
By repeating the limit breakthrough and success experience by training speed reading, and by removing the frame of thought and habit, we return to the flexible brain like childhood and develop healthy human resources both physically and mentally.
楽読大宮スクール Representative 榎本貴子